Fiber Optics Internet

Fiber optics is definitely the premier internet technology with virtually unlimited bandwidth regardless of your distance from our equipment. You can watch all the steaming videos you want while simultaneously keeping up with social media while others are gaming.

Current Fiber Optics Serving Area

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Fiber Optic Internet Packages

Winthrop & Quasqueton – Includes Residential Phone Service

Aurora-Stanley - Includes Residential Phone Service

Internet Only - All Customers

Prices listed above do not include taxes, surcharges and other fees. Contact our office for details.

Fiber Optic Equipment and Installation

Equipment – Modem/Router

Most of our customers want multiple ethernet ports and in home wi-fi. This requires a combination modem/router and we highly recommend the Smart/RG 400ac.


Features include

Equipment – Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) – Optional

The only problem with fiber optics is that it does not transmit electricity. As a result, the fiber optic equipment in your home has to be plugged into an electrical outlet and will not work during a power outage unless you have a backup generator or a uninterrupted power supply (UPS). A UPS is basically the battery backup for your fiber optic equipment.

We recommend the PowerTech PS18L-U7 which is designed to provide 8 hours backup for the fiber optic equipment in your home. And it will send a text message when the battery needs to be replaced.

Please Note: The Power Tech PS18L-U7v ONLY PROVIDES POWER to your fiber optic equipment. It DOES NOT provide power to your actual phone set, cordless phone device or your internet router.


  • One-time purchase price – $74.00

Battery Life

  • Fiber Optic Equipment only – 8 hours

Cost of Battery Replacement

  • Customer Replaces $40.00
  • EBTC Replaces. $65.00

Cost of Fiber Optics Installation

  • Standard Installation* – $69.00
  • Additional work – time and material

*Standard installation includes all material and labor required to:

  • Mount a fiber access box on the exterior of your home
  • Run the fiber into your home.
  • Mount and terminate the fiber electronics.
  • Install and program UPS if purchased from EBTC
  • Test internet and voice service
  • Connect the modem/router if purchased from EBTC
  • Standard time and material charges will apply to any addition or changes to your inside wire (voice or data).

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East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative
319-935-3011 or 866-327-2748
P.O. Box 100, 214 Third Street North, Winthrop, IA 50682-0100