Plume – For Managing your Home Network

EBTC’s EVO device is a WiFi extender that works with the Adtran 834-5 routers we install in our customers’ homes and business. It’s powered by a mobile “app” called Plume. When the router, EVO, and Plume app work together, this combination delivers unmatched smart home service.

  • First EVO device is included at no extra cost.
  • Additional EVOs can be purchased for $5.00 each per month.

EVO and the Plume App deliver a smart home super bundle featuring:

  • Plume Adaptive WiFi™ – Fast, reliable, and consistent Internet throughout the home
  • AI Security™ – Safe and secured devices, worry-free browsing, and no advertisements
  • HomePass® – Parental controls and guest access with unparalleled capabilities

Plume App

The features above are all available at the touch of a button through the highly rated Plume App. Say hello to great services that transform your smart home experience – all delivered from the cloud and enabled when you connect the Plume App to your EVO device(s).

Family using and EVO connected device

Benefits of using your EVO and the Plume app

Getting smarter all the time
Unlike other mesh network systems, our devices continuously learn about your Internet needs and performs advanced self-optimisations, allocating capacity to devices that need it most. And it gets better each day!

Whole-home coverage
Add extra EVOs depending on the size of your home.

Online Protection
Our devices filter out suspicious content as your devices connect to the Internet, providing you with real-time threat protection against crypto-mining, ransomware, malware, viruses, botnets, phishing attacks, and more.

Advanced IoT Protection™
Identify all your connected devices and continuously monitor them for suspicious activity. If a device is compromised, it will be quarantined, preventing the threat from spreading to rest of your connected devices.

Our devices block the ad content coming from known ad servers, significantly improving your browsing experience.

Parental Controls
Make the internet a safer place by managing the type of content that each device or profile can access. Additionally, approve or block specific websites per device or profile to keep your family safe.

Internet Freeze
Going offline is sometimes a good habit! Schedule an Internet freeze, give a time out to a specific device or person and monitor their levels of Internet usage.


Included with your EVO device(s) and the Plume app:

Home all access
Give full home Wi-Fi access to people you implicitly trust. This will allow their devices to interact with all other connected devices in your home.

Limited Guest Access
Create custom passwords for each guest and then choose which connected devices—like printers, TVs, security cameras or thermostats— they can access to make them feel instantly at home.

Internet Only Access
Devices with Internet only Wi-Fi passwords will only be connected to the Internet and not any of the connected devices in your home.

EVO Home Pass
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