EB WiNet – Unlimited 4G Internet Service

Using wireless internet technology, the East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative can deliver reliable internet service to homes and businesses located outside of our fiber optic and DSL networks. EB WiNet internet service areas include parts of Buchanan, Delaware, and Linn Counties.


Benefits of EB WiNet Internet include…

  • Unlimited internet access available with each plan
  • Plans are designed to keep you connected to family, friends, work, and school
  • Friendly, local customer support

Current EB WiNet Serving Area

Problems displaying the map below? Contact our office for assistance.

Want to search by address?

Please follow these steps to look up your home or business on our service area map.

Step One

Click on the “view larger map” icon to open a new Google maps window.

Step Two

Click on the search icon that appears with the full map.

Step Three

Enter your address and click “enter.”

Step Four

Click on your address when it appears.

Step Five

Your address will now be marked on the map.

EB WiNet Plans

  • All plans offer unlimited internet access!
  • Service automatically shifts to 3G speeds if the 4G allotment is reached for the month.
  • Speeds are best effort and dependent on many factors.
  • Not sure which plan is best for you? Use our online Data Estimator Tool

Cost of Wireless Installation

Standard Installation-$55.00


EB WiNet Plan Details

  • All plans require router purchase or installment contract.
  • 10 Mbps down/ 5 Mbps Up- Router is $154.50 down plus $12.88/month for 12 months; or purchase for $309.
  • 150 Mbps down/ 50 Mbps Up- Router is $254.50 down plus $21.21/month for 12 months; or purchase for $509.
  • Router is property of customer when installed.
  • All routers have a three warranty.
  • Optional external antenna available
  • 4G data resets on the 9th of each month.
  • Taxes and Surcharges apply.
  • 4G Home Internet plans require equipment to remain at one eligible service location.

Data Estimator Tool

Answer the following questions and our online data estimator will provide an ESTIMATE on the amount of wireless internet data your household is using each month. It will also recommend one of our WB WiNet plans.

Please remember, consider your entire household when answering the questions.

Need to reset your data estimate? Just refresh the page by pressing the F5 key.
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