East Buchanan Telephone would like your feedback. Please let us know how we are doing. This would include: service we are providing, customer service, installs, billing options and trouble shooting issues. If you could please e-mail us at help@eastbuchanan.com.

Please see below past testimonials we have received.

4/16/24 JG wrote: Repair: They had it fixed in about 10 minutes. They offered to pull down the old wireless receiver off my parent’s house. They installed a new router in the house and made sure all my parents devices reconnected. They were courteous, friendly and worked quickly. No complaints. My mom and dad were ecstatic to have their help!! 

2/14/24 TT wrote: Everything seems to be working great!! The process did seem to go smoothly and as expected. The technicians put the router in a better spot for our home as it was far away from where we typically use our internet so that was so very helpful!! I don’t believe there could have been anything done better. It was all done so smoothly and fast. They were great!!

10/23/23 AL wrote: Installation went smooth and everything seems to be working fine. The technicians were on time and very pleasant to work with. 

8/15/23 WT wrote: The install team was outstanding. Seriously, one of the best that I have worked with in my 74 years. On time, courteous, knowledgeable.

6/9/23 CH wrote: They came to install fiber optics today!  The two gentlemen that showed up were so courteous and professional! They even talked to my dog and cats and you could tell they loved their job and are very passionate about what they do! They took the time to answer all my questions and explain everything to me and made it a quick and convenient switch! Top notch customer service from the lady who handles the phones to the guys that came and installed. You guys are awesome!

10/31/2023 ND wrote: Thankful for EBTC!!! I’m serious when I say your company, your staff, your service guys, and fiber optic workers were and are so great to work with. This whole process of switching from Windstream/Kinetic to EBTC has been a great experience. Sara in the office was a total joy to work with. She is so patient and kind and explains things in a way that is so understandable. Sara put up with my procrastination too!!! LOL 🙂 Your company was amazing to get all three of our buildings on one phone line and one internet. I am beyond blessed and grateful. I can’t thank you enough. I am so thankful when people are genuinely kind, polite, and just good people. You all make the world a better place and sure make a difference in people’s lives. I know you may say it’s just telephone and internet service…..but it’s not just that to us. It’s a part of our work, our homes, our prosperity,  our dreams.

8/9/2023 AG wrote: Last night we lost our internet connection because of the fiber work being done by WUT. Matt from EBTC showed up after hours promptly after I called the emergency number and fixed our problem immediately. I was beyond impressed by his speed to fix this problem and his professionalism. Way to go guys! He is a great member of your team and I hope he is recognized for his hard work! 


6/13/2022 J & D F wrote: EB Phone Coop, A sincere thank you for the prompt service on removing our old box from our house. Also for Dave’s quick service on getting our WiFi hooked up! All done before 24 hrs when I made the call! Love living in our rural community. Thanks again.

2/22/2022 CB wrote: Small town service and consistent prices.

2/22/2022 AH wrote: We are very lucky to have a Coop that knows it’s customers by name and also great service to our area! Thank you!

2/22/2022 LH wrote: 1-they brought me fiber internet in the middle of nowhere
2-the fact that they’re a co-op that is focused on bettering their community.

2/22/2022 DR wrote: 2 things I like about East Buchanan Telephone are the great internet making it easy for me to work from home and stream our favorite shows and movies, and the support to the community!!!

12/29/21 Rosemary wrote: During our years here in Winthrop we’ve had wonderful service from everyone there in the office and anyone sent to service a problem. God bless each of you.

12/27/21 T and K wrote:

Hello, My wife and I have moved to a different town and will no longer need our internet and phone service. Thank you very much for all of the years of fantastic service.

CD wrote: Knowing how much EBTC has done in its service area, compared to what we’ve seen through Windstream, really makes us appreciate the value of a locally owned telecommunications cooperative versus a remote corporation.

MF wrote: Been a member for 30 years great service.

CC wrote: My coworkers in Cedar Rapids who work online every day are jealous of the excellent customer service and amazing response time that I get from East Buchanan Telephone. Where they may be down for days or even weeks waiting for Cedar Rapids service providers for maintenance, I usually have someone out within hours!

AB wrote: The employees are amazing and fix any problems right away, and everyone knows you when you go in!

AB wrote: Excellent customer service and great a great telephone coop.

SB wrote: How can you just say one thing!!! There are too many to name and that makes it EXCELLENT.

HJ wrote: I love the quick response if there is an internet issue and the lovely ladies in the office is always looking out for you and what would be the best option of service for you.

RM wrote: The employees are great! They always answer my questions and the response time is quick!

JL wrote: Such amazing response time and customer service!

TZ wrote: Their crew made time to install the cable for internet during the pandemic so my kids could do online school. They were very prompt and have been great to work with. We haven’t had any problems with connection where we live out in the country. The lady that answers the phone is very patient!

AR wrote: I love that you can drop packages off, and that the people working there are local faces that we all know.

TK wrote: Local!! Always try to help fix/repair problems when they arise. Attempting to get Fiber access to ALL households in our small rural communities!!

MD wrote: All around good people who actually problem solve not just do temporary fixes made it so I could work from home and be more involved with my family.

JF wrote: East Buchanan Telephone Coop is on the ball when you have questions about services they offer. I believe small town proud is truly this company. I have never had bad customer service or bad internet service either. I only wish you could go to Strawberry Point!

KR wrote: Customer service is great!! Both office personnel and the rest of the service crew!! Even when equipment is down, they try their best to keep you informed on any problems that may arise!

KM wrote: The guy that comes out to do service calls. He also installed our fiber! I think his name is Dave? Very friendly!!

KS wrote: Love having local telephone and internet service! Great customer service and response time when issues arise.

AH wrote: Friendly, knowledgeable, prompt customer service!!! Thanks EBTS for taking care of our phone and internet needs!!

Thank you
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