DSL Internet

DSL is a technology that uses existing buried copper cables in the towns we serve to deliver speeds up to 20 – 80 Mbps depending on your distance from our equipment located in each town. Call our office to find out the fastest speeds available for your town location to eliminate “buffering” on your devices or TV.

All rural locations are now served by fiber optic cables which allow for much faster speeds and the distance from our equipment is not a factor.

With the increased need for remote work, studying online, tele-health, and the popularity of streaming videos along with the increasing number of internet devices in homes, we are attempting to replace the copper cables in the towns we serve with fiber optic cables and new electronics as soon as economically feasible. This will provide speeds up to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps). Current plans are for fiber optics to be deployed to all locations in the towns of Stanley and Aurora in 2022.

Current DSL Serving Area

Problems displaying the map below? Contact our office for assistance.


Want to search by address?

Please follow these steps to look up your home or business on our service area map.

Step One

Click on the “view larger map” icon to open a new Google maps window.

Step Two

Click on the search icon that appears with the full map.

Step Three

Enter your address and click “enter.”

Step Four

Click on your address when it appears.

Step Five

Your address will now be marked on the map.

DSL Internet Packages

Winthrop & Quasqueton – Includes Residential Phone Service

Aurora-Stanley - Includes Residential Phone Service

Internet Only - All Customers

*Prices listed above do not include taxes, surcharges and other fees. All speeds are best effort. Contact our office for details.

DSL Internet Equipment

Smart RG SR516ac (Modem/Router) – $89.95

Most of our customers want multiple ethernet ports and in home Wi-Fi. This requires a combination modem/router and we highly recommend our Smart RG SRT516ac device.

Cost of DSL Installation

 Standard Installation -$55.00

Additional work- time and material


Features include

  • Integrates with our EVO device for the best possible Wi-Fi experience. Learn more about the EVO.
  • 5 external ethernet ports
  • First in-home wi-fi frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Second in-home wi-fi frequency: 5 GHz
  • Free firmware updates
  • Remote detection of in home wireless interference
  • Maintains 30 day performance log for use in troubleshooting
  • Password management – in case you forget.
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