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Wireless History: Fun Facts
Most newer digital cellular phones have some sort of entertainment programs on them, ranging from simple dice-throwing games to memory and logic puzzles.

Approximately 20 percent of American teens (more girls than boys) own a cellular phone.

Cellular phones are more popular in European countries than they are in the United States - with nearly 2/3 of Europeans owning a phone, compared to only about ¼ of Americans.

The GSM standard for digital cell phones was established in Europe in the mid-1980s - long before digital cellular phones became commonplace in American culture.

The technology is now possible to locate a person using a cellular phone down to a range of a few meters, anywhere on the globe.

3G (third generation wireless) phones may look more like PDAs, with features such as video-conferencing, advanced personal calendar functions, and multi-player gaming.

What is most amazing is that all of the functionality of a digital cellular phone - which only 30 years ago would have filled the entire floor of an office building - now fits into a package that sits comfortably in the palm of your hand!

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