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Vision Net  
Home VisionNet Installation Steps

There are four (4) installation Steps:

  1. Pre-Installation Site Visit (FREE)
  2. Multi-Media Modem (MMM)
  3. Set Top Box (STB)
  4. Inside Wiring

This is a FREE service which consists of a visit by one of our technicians to discuss the physical characteristics of your line, desired location of your TV's and inside wiring options.

Each home MUST have a Pannaway MMM to receive VisionNet services. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE DSL SERVICE BUT YOU MUST HAVE A PANNAWAY MMM. There is a good chance that you already have a Pannaway MMM if you have had DSL installed within the last 6 months. If you have DSL service from EBTC but do not have a Pannaway MMM, we will trade your existing DSL modem for a Pannaway MMM at no cost to you or a wireless for $39.95. If you do not have a DSL service, then you will need to rent ($10/mo) or purchase a Pannaway MMM @$69.95 or rent ($15/mo) or purchase a Wireless for $99.95. If you have a regular Pannaway MMM and you wish to upgrade to a Wireless, it will cost you $39.99

A STB is very similar to the old cable TV boxes. For those of you who are not old enough to remember that, the STB is also similar to a Dish or DirecTV receiver (except you do not need an external antenna on your house). A STB is required for each TV set receiving VisionNet. One STB will be given to each customer that signs a 24 month agreement for Lifeline or Basic service package.  Additional STB(s) can be purchased at cost with payment plans available to qualified customers.  Universal remotes can be purchased for $15.00.

The 'recommended' solution would be to run CAT5 wire from the MMM to each STB. CAT5 is the material commonly used to make Ethernet computer cables and is easy to work with in new construction or existing homes with open basements. It is not easy to install behind existing dry wall. It is also possible to use existing inside phone wire or coaxial cables from a previous cable TV or satellite installation if it is in good condition. The down side to this solution is that it requires additional electronics at a cost of $125.00 per television and the wires/cable may not be in the right location. Some people have even used the electrical wiring in their home to transport the TV signal. Again, the flexibility is offset by the cost of electronics ($125.00 per TV). And it will not work in all homes. A wireless solution is also available which has been well received in other parts of the country. The only known problem is interference from other wireless devices in the home operating at 2.4 MHz. This solution represents the ultimate flexibility but it is also the most expensive. The cost to connect your first TV is $150.00 with additional TV's costing $75.00.

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