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Home Telephone Features - Busy

Here are eight features, guaranteed to save you time all year long. Each one is only $2 per month, and they are easy to use. In fact, you can try them out on the phones at this station. Ask an East Buchanan representative for assistance

Speed Calling [8 or 30 numbers]
Quickly dial up to 30 of your most frequently called numbers by dialing just 2 numbers. Great for businesses or busy families needing to save time!
Three-Way Calling
Want to save time planning events, increase your productivity and stop wasting time? With three-way calling, you can talk to two different people, in two different places at one time-even if the person you are calling is long distance. Great for busy families, businesses or anyone wanting to save time or money on long distance calls.
Call Forwarding
Stop sitting by the phone waiting for that important phone call. With Call Forwarding, you can forward your calls to another phone, or to your wireless phone and take them with you when you go. Great for busy families.
Distinctive Ring [teen line]
Get your teen their own phone number, without adding another phone line, and stop running to the phone every time the phone rings. With Distinctive Ring, you'll always know when the phone is for you, because you'll hear a different ringing tone. You'll even hear a different call waiting tone when you're on the phone. Great for roommates, teens and home-based businesses.
*69 Automatic Recall
Miss a call? Just dial *69 and the last person who called you will be called back.
*66 Automatic Call Back
Tired of redialing busy numbers? Just dial *66 and the number will be redialed for you until it becomes available.
Selective Call Acceptance
Only take calls from the people you really want to hear from, by creating a selective call acceptance list. Other callers will be routed to a recording.
Selective Call Rejection
This feature allows you to create a list of numbers you don't want to accept calls from. These callers receive a message that says you aren't taking calls at this time.

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