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Home Smart Solutions

Home control, family protection, and added freedom.

East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative offers home automation solutions you control from any smart mobile device or Internet connection. Especially comforting for parents, it lets you unlock a door to let children in and secures the door behind them; or you can simply receive an email when they arrive home from school.

Save money through energy efficiency, monitor your vacation home, or even be alerted if your elderly family member hasnít moved throughout he house. Enjoy the peace of mind of true home monitoring.

Service Packages*

1-3 Devices$19.95/mo
4-7 Devices$24.95/mo
8+ Devices $29.95/mo
Includes FREE Gateway Device. Save $199.00


1-3 DevicesList Price
4-7 Devices5% Discount
8+ Devices10% Discount


Initial Installation
(Incld 1-3 Devices)
Add'l DevicesTime & Mat'l

* Requires internet access. ** Devices are attached to home. Customer must purchase devices.

East Buchanan
Telephone Cooperative
P.O. Box 100
214 Third Street North
Winthrop, IA 50682-0100

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