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Dial Up Internet & DSL  
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Compare Packages: Dial Up vs. DSL

Dial Up:

  • Must dial-up every time you want to connect to the Internet
  • Must have additional phone line to surf the Internet and make phone calls or fax at the same time
    $19.95 per month + approximately $10.00 for additional line


  • Speeds 20x faster than usual dial up
  • Always on, dedicated connection so you never have to dial-up, saving valuable time
  • Can make phone calls or send faxes and surf the Internet at the same time over one single phone line
  • As low as $34.95 per month for both residents and businesses, which includes monthly Internet service and a dedicated DSL connection

Get more done in less time, affordably with DSL service from East Buchanan. For only about $15 more per month than standard dial-up Internet service, you'll fly as you work, shop and invest online. Ask an EB representative how you can get up and running with DSL today!

East Buchanan
Telephone Cooperative
P.O. Box 100
214 Third Street North
Winthrop, IA 50682-0100

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