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Increase Your Dividends

Every cent you pay to East Buchanan during the year, be it for telephone, long distance, Internet, wireless, cable, Talknet or VisionNet, eventually comes back to you in the form of dividends.

Take this into consideration: with the dividends you will receive for 1998, it's like you got an automatic discount of 61% off everything you purchased through East Buchanan that year. How many other companies can offer you that kind of savings?

In the ten years from 1990 through 1999, East Buchanan paid back over 5.25 million dollars to its customers in patronage dividends. With the average percentage per customer, being 51%.

This means that for every dollar you spent with East Buchanan in the 1990s, you'll get half of it back! For example, it means you are really paying only 5¢ per minute for long distance after dividends, and less than $20 per month for 750 minutes of wireless service, including long distance, after dividends.

So why buy full-priced wireless or long distance service, when you can essentially receive half off our everyday low prices with East Buchanan?

East Buchanan
Telephone Cooperative
P.O. Box 100
214 Third Street North
Winthrop, IA 50682-0100

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